Usenet group comp.dcom.telecom will be lagging for a while [telecom]

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The Usenet group comp.dcom.telecom is the way many readers see posts
to The Telecom Digest. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances,
posts to comp.dcom.telecom will be lagging behind the ones sent to the
Telecom Digest mailing list, by as much as a week.

We've just cut over to a new server, and that means a long-awaited
improvement in our capabilities and storage space, for which I am very
grateful to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory (CSAIL) at M.I.T. However, the method we've been using to
feed posts to Usenet won't work with the new machine - it was a
one-off manual workaround that one of our benefactors set up as a
favor - so we have to transition to using an nntp server instead, and
that will take a while. In the meantime, I'll be submitting individual
posts to comp.dcom.telecom by hand, a process which will delay each
post by several days.

If you want to receive the Telecom Digest via email instead of waiting
for posts to comp.dcom.telecom, then you need only send a subscription
request to, with username "sympa" (In other words,
sympa@telecom ...), and put "subscibe telecom" in the subject of your
email. You'll get an email answer that asks you to confirm your
subscription request.

I appreciate your understanding and your patience. This will get
better as soon as I can figure out how.


Bill Horne

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