The Unresolved Issue of Verizon Throttling Santa Clara's Fire Department Shows Why ISPs Ne...

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By Ernesto Falcon And Katharine Trendacosta

In August, it was revealed that Verizon throttled the wireless
broadband services of fire fighters in the middle of a state emergency
and spent four weeks debating with the local fire department while
trying to upsell them a more expensive plan. This week, the Santa
Clara Board of County Supervisors held a hearing to review what
happened during the state's worst fire in history. The hearing
revealed that, Verizon's statements to the contrary, nothing about
this public safety issue has been resolved.

EFF testified at the hearing to provide an understanding as to the
legal and technical issues that are part of the conflict to assist the
county in its review. In addition, EFF believes Verizon's conduct
would have subjected them to penalties under the 2015 Open Internet
Order, because the actions by Verizon's sales team appeared to be
unjust and unreasonable under Title II of the Communications
Act. Verizon have fully admitted that they were at fault and wrong to
have engaged in the conduct and have offered to end some of the
business practices that led to the problem for the west coast states
and Hawaii.

Bill Horne
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