The Department of Social Security Administration [telecom]

I just got a call that displayed 888-810-1045, on my VoIP number.

First a recording said that my social security number was being suspended, and then it told me to push 1 to speak to an "officer." I then spoke with a person in some boiler room, and he wanted to know - surprise, surprise - my social security number and name and address.

I asked him why he didn't already have all that if he worked at Social Security. He said it was for "verification." I told him that he could send me a letter via the U.S. Mail if he wanted me to verify something. He hanged up.

The problem with having a backup phone number is that it doesn't get enough sleezoid traffic to be put on the "hostile lead" lists, and I've gotten old and cranky and used to being left alone, so I'm out of practice when it comes to stringing them along. C'est la vie.


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Bill Horne
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