Re: Philadelphia emergency text messaging system [Telecom]

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T wrote:

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Lisa Hancock replied:

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I still have an AM radio, and WHEN I choose to listen to over-the-air
(AM) radio I do. But most of my audio information comes from streaming
via the internet, and audio entertainment from internet streaming as
well as my own tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.

But how many people even *CARE* about listening to AM radio these days!

T wrote:

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Lisa replied:

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True -- I have done so as well with at&t (cingular). I NEVER send text
messages nor use the functionality. I never have replied to a friend's
text message to my cellphone neither. And when I started getting
SPAM from alleged investment companies with stock quotes showing up
on my cellphone, for which *I* had to pay for, I had cingular (at&t)
TURN OFF text messaging completely.

But it isn't completely. AT&T (cingular) can still send "administrative"
messages to my cellphone (I've asked that their MARKETING messages STOP
an they have). I can still send a request for info on remaining min's
in the month on my plan, etc. All of these are SUPPOSED to be at NO
charge to me.

In theory, government "emergency" messages could be sent to EVERYONE
even they had text messaging turned off otherwise, the cellular company
sending these out as "admin" type messages, HOPEFULLY for free, but I
won't hold my breath.

I've read elsewhere that the policy regarding government "emergency"
cellphone text messages WILL allow an "opt-out". I sure do HOPE so.

This smacks of the (voice-based) so called "reverse 911" that has been
discussed here and there in c.d.t (Telecom Digest) in recent months and
years. I've heard that opt-out is NOT always an option depending on
what each jurisdiction chooses. I can't wait until someone SUES a city
or county for violating "Do Not Call" rules or otherwise doesn't allow
an upfront "opt-out" of such "reverse 911". The INTENT of such as well
as "emergency text messages" to cellphones SOUNDS "good". But there is
just TOO MUCH abuse in all other areas, and it will happen here too.
And there had better be opt-out, which I WILL choose, if ever my area
implements "reverse 911" in my location, or cellular starts "emergency"
test messaging in my own cingular (at&t) system.

Not everyone is going to be paying attention to such phone calls or
text messaging... not everyone has cellphones to use when not at their
home phone (when landline voice calls would be placed "reverse 911").
And not everyone would WANT to be part of such a system. There will
still have to be roaving government/police cars with bullhorns or
loudspeakers blaring information in REAL extreme emergency situations.

Finally, I do see what goes on outside of my window. If it looks like
threatening weather, I'll check, look at local TV, the
Weather Channel, or listen to local radio. I don't have one of those
dedicated receivers to pick up the VHF-based weather radio frequency
(if that even exists anymore, though). But I do NOT need to have some
automated system ringing up my phones, nor text messages popping up on
my cellphone REGARDLESS of what some government bureaucrat thinks I
should hear/see, just because THEY feel that it's "urgent".


Re: Philadelphia emergency text messaging system [Telecom]
Anthony Bellanga wrote:
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It might qualify for an exemption of the DNC rules.

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They are very much active.

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About six years ago I was driving back to my farm and noticed a single
thunderhead that topped out with an anvil head. All by itself, no other
storm around. After I got home, my cellphone got a severe weather WATCH
alert. Five minutes later it was a tornado WARNING. I walked all around
the house and barn to look for any other storms. Nothing to be seen.
Turned on my weather was on the ground at a one stop sign town five
miles west of me and moving east.

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