Please chip in to help keep moderated newsgroups working [telecom]

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***** Moderator's Note *****

I'm passing along a request from Jonathan Kamens that he sent to me as
a Usenet moderator. Jonathan is one of the good guys: generous,
selfless, and dedicated.

Please do what you can, and thanks.  

Bill Horne


Subject: Please chip in (or ask your readers to) to help keep moderated newsgroups working
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:34:16 -0400


I've been maintaining one of the moderated newsgroup relay servers,
i.e., the email servers that route moderated newsgroup postings to
moderators, since 2010.

There used to be three relays, but one was having technical
difficulties so it was removed from the rotation. Furthermore, the
hosting infrastructure I was using has had reliability issues, so not
infrequently we've been at only one active, working relay. In short,
there isn't enough redundancy to ensure that there's a working relay
all the time.

To improve things, I've moved the relay I maintain from its old
infrastructure, which was free for me, to Linode, which costs money. I
also want to set up a third relay on a different hosting provider
(probably Vultr) in a different geographic location, for maximum

I am happy to donate my time to this, but I would rather not also have
to pay for it out-of-pocket, given that I'm paying school tuition for
five children and I rarely even read any moderated newsgroups
nowadays. Therefore, I've set up a Patreon page at , and I'm asking people
to chip in to help pay for the relay servers I'm maintaining.

If you're willing to chip in $1 a month to help ensure that posters
will continue to be able to get submissions reliably to your
newsgroup, and/or you're willing to make a posting to your newsgroup
asking readers to chip in, I'd appreciate it. I only need ~20 patrons
to pledge $1 a month to provide enough funding to support two highly
available and redundant relays.

I don't want to annoy people by asking too often, so once I have
enough money banked to last for the next two years, I will disable the
Patreon page and not ask again until the money runs out.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Again, the URL of the Patreon page is .


Jonathan Kamens

P.S. For /maximum/ redundancy, I'd actually prefer for someone else to
maintain the third relay, rather than maintaining two myself. That
way, there would be full redundancy in terms of maintainer as well as
hosting provider and location. Setting up and maintaining a relay is
pretty easy, since I can provide an Ansible playbook which completely
builds out a relay from scratch. Of course if you don't have VM
infrastructure to host on and end up paying for a VM like I am, I will
share any donations I get with you to help cover the costs. Please get
in touch with me if you are interested.

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