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From the survey analyst --


If you haven't already responded  to the original survery, please DO NOT!

The original survey went out with errors in the email addresses.
Any response to the original survey will bounce.

If you did already respond to the original, and you have a bounce message
with the full text of your message, you can simply send that bounce to
''.  I will fish the responses out of the
bounce message.

A corrected copy of the complete survey message follows:

An invitation, from the Moderator:

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                        The Telecom Digest Reader Survey
                                  January 2012


   1. If you choose to respond to this survey, you need only reply to
      this message: The Reply-To address ("")
      goes to a neutral third party who will analyze the results, summarize
      comments, and report back to the Moderator after removing all traces
      of identifying information from your answers.

   2. If you want an acknowledgment of receipt, add the tag [AUTOACK]
      to the Subject line of your survey response email.  If they do
      that, you _must_ use a "From:" line that is un-obfuscated -- the
      ack is machine generated, and does _not_ have the smarts to make
      any alterations.

   3. The survey analyst requests un-munged addresses, so that he can
      contact people for clarifications/expansions, if appropriate.

      The survey analyst also requests: "Please don't send any attachments
      or HTML-based email if you can avoid it."

   4. I'm an adult: please be candid, forthright, and honest. I don't
      have ESP, and I can't guess at your true meaning if you beat
      around the bush.

      All the usual rules about netiquette are waived: if you
      think the Moderator is a horse's behind, say so. If you
      think he is Jesus Christ incarnate (Aw, shucks ...), then
      say /that/, too.  The survey analyst is aware of this and
      prepared to deal with whatever comes down the pike.

   5. You opinions _are_ important to me.  Please provide a response for
      all the questions, even if it is 'choose not to answer', or similar.
      That way the analyst will know you didn't inadvertently skip it.

   6. All responses will have all author identification stripped off
      before summarization, and before any comments are passed to the
   7. The analyst will not retain any responding email addresses past the
      end of the survey period, and the addresses will not be published

   8. Your comments may be paraphrased if they are published, but they will
      never be associated with you personally, since the Moderator won't know
      who wrote them.

   9. If one of the provided multiple-choice responses is a "close
      fit" to your feelings, please use it.  However, if none of
      the alternatives fits, feel free to provide an 'alternate'

  10. In addition to making comments on any particular question, you
      are expressly invited to voice your opinions (here's your
      chance!) about the Moderator's performance, the direction the
      Telecom Digest should take, the kinds of posts you would like to
      see more of or less of, and _anything_ _else_ you feel will be
      helpful. The Moderator will read /all/ of your comments, and he
      might publish some of them, so please be careful not to leave
      any identifying information in them.

  11. The survey will end on January 10, 2012. The email address
      will be disabled at midnight, January 11.


 [  Before answering the first question, please flip a coin and note the    ]
 [  result. If the coin came up "heads", please answer question 1a. If the  ]
 [  coin came up "tails", please answer question 1b. Do not answer both     ]
 [  questions, and /please/ do not pick one to answer by yourself: let the  ]
 [  coin toss tell you which to answer.                                     ]

Q.1a What is your age?

   A. under 21
   B. between 21 and 30
   C. between 30 and 40
   D. between 40 and 50
   E. 50+

Q.1b Is the Telecom Digest ...

   A. The only mailing list or Usenet group you read regularly
   B. One of 2-3 mailing lists or Usenet groups that you read regularly
   C. One of 4-8 mailing lists or Usenet groups that you read regularly
   D. One of 9+  mailing lists or Usenet groups that you read regularly
   D. You only read the Digest now and then

Q.2 What do you think of the level of technical detail in The Telecom Digest?

   A. Not technical enough
   B. Too technical
   C. "just right", as Goldilocks might say.

Q.3 What do you think of the Moderator's performance in the past year?

   A. He could do a better job
   B. He has done a good job
   C. He is too concerned with trivia like this

Q.4 What do you think about Telecom Digest coverage on the telecom
    regulatory environment?

   A. There's not enough coverage on this subject
   B. There's already too much on this subject
   C. The current coverage is about right

Q.5 What do you think about Telecom Digest coverage on the technology of

   A. There's not enough coverage on this subject
   B. There's already too much on this subject
   C. The current coverage is about right

Q.6 What do you think about Telecom Digest coverage on new telecom
    concepts ("VoIP", for example)?

   A. There's not enough coverage on this subject
   B. There's already too much on these subjects
   C. The current coverage is about right

Q.7 What other subjects would you like to see more Telecom Digest
    coverage of?

   A. You can't think of any
   B. You'd like to see MORE on these subjects (please specify, one or more)

Q.8 What other subjects do you think there is too much Telecom Digest
    coverage of?

   A. You can't think of any.
   B. You'd like to see LESS on these subjects (please specify, one or more)

Q.9 Do you think the Moderator should be more of the following?
    (please list all that apply)

   A. Humble
   B. Plain-spoken
   C. Willing to correct mistakes
   D. Tolerant of other's views
   E. Willing to work with posters to make their posts clear and readable
   F. Interested in /what/ a post is saying, instead of /how/ it says it
   G. Other  (please specify)

Q.10 How would you rate the Moderator's performance?

   A. Terrible
   B. Poor
   C. In need of improvement
   D. Adequate
   E. Above Average
   F. Excellent

Q.11 Do you see the Moderator exhibiting bias regarding any group, religion,
     political philosophy, or ethnicity?  (if you answer in the affirmative,
     please describe, or provide examples, if you can)

   A. No
   B. Sometimes
   C. Yes
   D. Hell, yes

Q.12 If you had to pick one thing you could change about the Telecom
     Digest, would you?

   A. Cut down on the number of posts and be more selective
   B. Welcome more input and not be quite as choosy about what is published
   C. Demand more citations and supporting material from contributors,
      so that they can't just make things up
   D. Leave things alone -- the Telecom Digest is fine, as is
   E. Change something else  (please specify, and list just one item)

Q.13 Do you own a cellular telephone?

   A. Yes
   B. No   (please skip to Q.18)

Q.14 If you answered 'Yes', is it your only phone?

   A. Yes   (please skip to Q.16)
   B. No

Q.15 What other kind(s) of phone service do you have?
     (please list all that apply)

   A. 'Traditional' land-line service
   B. 'Digital' phone service (e.g. ISDN) from a traditional phone company
   C. Service from an 'alternative' carrier, such as a Cable TV company
   D. VoIP phone service
   E: Other  (please specify)

Q.16 If you use a cellular telephone, is it ...

   A. A prepaid phone -- like 'Net10', 'Virgin Mobile", "Go Phone",
      etc. -- where the phone "stops working" if the money runs out
   B. A monthly or yearly plan where you're billed 'after the fact'
      for any 'excess usage'
   C. Paid for by my employer

Q.17 If you use a cellular telephone, how often do you have it turned off?

   A. Most of the time.  e.g. you turn it on only for _your_ convenience
   B. Only when you are at home (i.e. near your 'land line', if you have one)
   C. Only when you are asked to -- meetings, hospitals, etc.
   D. Practically never.

Q.18 What do you think the future holds for the traditional "wireline"
     telephone industry?

   A. It will be gone in twenty years
   B. It will remain "as is" for the foreseeable future
   C. It will change into a hybrid that keeps old phones but uses new
      technologies such as VoIP
   D. It will merge with the cellular network, so everyone has to have a
      cell phone

Q.19 If you ran the Telecom Digest, would you?
     (please list all that apply)

   A. Take weekends off
   B. Be less anal about spelling and punctuation
   C. Try to promote new ideas
   D. Other  (please specify)

Q.20 What do you think the highest priority for telecom providers, in terms
     of maintaining 'customer satisfaction', _should_ be?

   A. Providing the lowest possible prices
   B. Providing the best quality service
   C. Providing the fastest Internet speeds
   D. Ensuring that your phone is always working

Q.21 Telecom operations, regulation, and deployment, are different in
     different countries --  what country's telecom environment are you
     primarily affected by?

Q.22 What operating system does the computer you use to read the Telecom
     Digest use?

   A. MS-Windows
   B. MacOS
   C. Something UNIX-like (Sys V, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.)
   D. Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SuSe, RedHat, CentOS, etc.)
   E. Other

   Please specify your O/S version/release:

Q.23 How do you read the Telecom Digest?

   A. By email, as individual messages
   B. By email, in digest form
   C. On USENET, using a web-based interface, like "Google Groups"
      i. What is the URL of the web-site you use the most often?
     ii. What web-browser do you use the most often?
         (e.g., FireFox, Opera, Safari, Internet Eplorer, etc.)
   D. On USENET, using an actual 'newsreader' program
      i. What news-server do you use the most often?
     ii. What newsreader software do you use the most often?
         (e.g., pine, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Thoth, etc.)

Q.24 How often do you submit posts to The Telecom Digest?

   A. Never submitted a post
   B. About once a month
   C. More than once a month

Q.25 What is your main occupational focus?

   A. Member of technical staff
   B. Technical manager
   C. Non-technical manager
   D. Telecom consultant
   E. Student
   F. Teacher/instructor/professor  (if so, what do you teach?)
   G. Other  (please specify)

Q.26 Regarding the focus, above, are you currently?

   A. Actively employed in that area
   B. Retired, but did work in that area
   C. Seeking work in that area
   D. Other  (please specify)

Q.27 What is your highest level of education?

   A. Not a H.S. graduate  (or equivalent)
   B. H.S. Graduate.  (or equivalent)
   C. Some college, but no degree
   D. Associate (or other 2-year) degree
   E. College degree (4-year, undergraduate)
   F. Advanced College degree (5 or more years, e.g., Masters or Doctorate)
   G. Post Doctorate course work

Q.28 How long have you been reading The Telecom Digest?

   A. Less than 1 year
   B. 1-5 years
   C. 5-10 years
   D. 10+ years

Q.29 What is your annual gross income (i.e. before taxes)?
   (Please count only your income, not your spouse's or other family members)

   A. Under $40,000
   B. $40,001 - 60,000
   C. $60,001 - 80,000
   D. $80,001+

Q.30 Please add any additional comments you'd like to make here

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