Colorado Cities Keep Voting To Build Their Own Broadband Networks [telecom]

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So we've long mentioned how incumbent ISPs like Comcast have spent
millions of dollars quite literally buying shitty, protectionist laws
in more than twenty states. These laws either ban or heavily hamstring
towns and cities from building their own broadband networks, or in
some cases from even engaging in public/private partnerships. It's a
scenario where ISPs get to have their cake and eat it too; they often
refuse to upgrade their networks in under-served areas (particularly
true among telcos offering DSL), but also get to write shitty laws
preventing these under-served towns from doing anything about it.

This dance of dysfunction has been particularly interesting in
Colorado, however. While lobbyists for Comcast and CenturyLink managed
to convince state leaders to pass such a law (SB 152) in 2005, the
legislation contains a provision that lets individual Colorado towns
and cities ignore the measure with a simple referendum. With
frustration mounting over sub-standard broadband and awful customer
service, more than 100 towns and cities have done so thus far.

Bill Horne
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