BCE Panel: Open Source Makes Telcos 'Nimble' [telecom]

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Big Communications Event -- Open source can help
telcos become "nimble," and shed their history of "wait and see,"
James Feger, CenturyLink VP of network virtualization, said here
Tuesday at Light Reading's Big Communications Event (BCE).

"The power of open source is it allows telcos to be more nimble,
rather than the wait-and-see attitude we've traditionally been viewed
with," CenturyLink Inc.'s Feger said, speaking on a panel
about open source in telecom.

https://www.lightreading.com/open-source/bce-panel-open-source-makes-telcos-nimble/d/d-id/743112?f_src=lightreading_editorspicks_rss_latest .

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