AT&T plans to expand HBO, but could destroy it in the process [telecom]

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One month after the close of the acquisition, and there are already
warning signs.

By Bryan Bishop

One of the big questions surrounding AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner
has been about how the telecom giant will handle its new flagship
entertainment brands. Earlier this week, a story from The New York
Times raised some concerns about the future prospects of HBO. The
story recounted a June 19th town hall with new Warner Media chief
executive John Stankey, HBO CEO Richard Plepler, and 150 HBO
employees, during which Stankey made it clear that he expected HBO to
ramp up content production and diversify its offerings. The account
painted a grim picture for the network, which has excelled, thanks to
its incredibly discerning taste and prestige-level programming. Making
things as awkward as possible, Stankey predicted that the coming year
would be so arduous that it would feel "like childbirth" for HBO

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