New to HDTV, what to see/expect???

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Got digital cable with HD programming, 32" LCD widescreen, progressive
scan DVD.   Using component cable from cable box now, but switching to
HDMI to DVI-D cable.   DVD also via component.

DVD's play full screen and look great, most cable HD programming
(discovery, HDNet) has small (maybe 2-3") gaps at the top & bottom, but
fill the width.   Usually looks pretty good but I do see some
pixelation, especially on busy images or during transitions.

Is that normal?

Re: New to HDTV, what to see/expect???

Not sure what LCD Brand you are using. Usually with the new cable boxes
that handle HD you need to pay attention to the fact that on regular
channels you may have the TV or Cable box set to stretch the image from
the broadcast aspect ratio of 4:3 to 16:9. When you are watching the HD
channels the native broadcast is usually at 16:9. So if the box or LCD
is stretching the HD signal it may look a bit pixalated.

Re: New to HDTV, what to see/expect???

TV: Norcent LT-3222.  16x9.  480i/p, 720p, 1080i
Cable: Motorola DCT6412 III on Cebridge Cable
DVD: Philips DVP-642

Re: New to HDTV, what to see/expect???

Scope the remote on the motorola and see if it has a aspect ratio
selection. On my scientific atlanta there is normal, panarama, and
16:9. I leave mine set to normal so the LCD just looks at the native
resolution and displays the image correctly. On normal programming
(4:3) I switch it over to strech or 16:9 so it fills the screen.

Re: New to HDTV, what to see/expect???

Thanks.   I don't think the remote has that button but I'll double
check.   I'll take pictures of the setup menu on the moto & TV and post
those for review.

Re: New to HDTV, what to see/expect??? /

I did notice that the cablebox was not set to the settings in this
picture and I reset them to the factory defaults.   I'm pretty sure I
didn't change it, but might have.

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