High Rear Bookshelf Installation

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When I finished my basement, I had a properly ventilated cubby built in
the tray ceiling to set my projector. The projector is about 14ft back
and about 7 1/2ft high.

What recommendations do you have for a sub $2k projector that can sit in
my cubby with a decent throw angle? I notice most compensate for throw
angle when a projector is on a coffee table but I dont see the opposite
where you can compensate when it is above your head.

Any suggestions?



Re: High Rear Bookshelf Installation

(Jim) says...
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I have the Panasonic PT-AE900U, which is probably a couple hundred bucks
above your limit.  However, it is a native 16:9 projector.  It has a
generous zoom lens that will hit any reasonable sized screen from 14 ft.  
I have mine mounted on the ceiling, 13'6" from the screen and the top of
the image will project at least a foot below the ceiling without tilting
the projector or using any digital keystone.  

I see The Projector People have it listed for $2299 with a $400 rebate,
so that puts it right into your price range.

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Re: High Rear Bookshelf Installation

Larry Caldwell wrote on 8/13/2006 2:23 PM:
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Thanks Larry. I am looking at that one, but my AE700 just died one month
after the warranty was up so I am a little hesitant to go with another


Re: High Rear Bookshelf Installation

(Jim) says...

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Hmmm.  What happened to it?

Re: High Rear Bookshelf Installation

I bought the Sanyo Z-4 last december . I went with it over the Panasonic
only because of the 3 year warrenty... so far I've had no problems,,
I have the same setup your looking at. the projector is on a shelf about 7.5
feet high. 16 feet back. The lens shift would put the image even lower if I
needed it. Without useing the software keystone.

I'me viewing a 100" wide image...

I made my own screen out of black out cloth from a fabric store.


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