WebBased X-10 Server ?

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a X-10 home automation software to build a dedicated
server to control my house.  I'm using X-10 devices all across the
house. I will also use satellite stations  (Laptops) that need to access
server (thats why webbased server would be useful)

Features I'm looking for are the following:

- Web Based interface/Web server
- Working with CM11A controller
- Linux or Windows or Dedicated
- Need programmable macro to react to different trigger

Beside Mr.House, any suggestions?
Ive been searching the web for the past 7 months without finding the
perfect software.

Thx to all of you.


Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
Have you considered Girder?


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Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
Dave Houston wrote:
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Thx, but yes I did check this one out.
This software is more of a complete Multimedia manager then a
concentrated Home Automation software.

One software I did like but that is now off market is the XION.  Im
looking for something of that type. (http://xion.annalytics.co.uk /)

Any other suggestions?  What are you guys using at home?

Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 18:19:39 -0400, SiO wrote:

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HEYU <http://www.heyu.org is a full-featured command-line Linux
program for X10 automation with a CM11A.

I understand some folks use the PUTTY SSH client
under Windows or Linux for accessing it over the Internet.

Charles Sullivan
(Heyu developer)

Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 13:19:13 -0400, Charles Sullivan wrote:

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BTW, here's a PHP based web interface for Heyu that's under
development: <http://domus.link.co.pt

(I haven't tried it myself.)

Charles Sullivan

Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
SiO wrote:
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Well, for an "entirely geeky" solution, take a look at MisterHouse
(http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/).  It can do a lot of what you are
looking for, out of the box -- and a lot more.  If you can learn a
little Perl, you can get it to do almost anything you need.

Check out the "features" page.

Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
rlsusenet@NOSPAMPUHLEEZschnapp.org wrote:
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Thx to all.

Heres a nno-related question.
I found this link using google:


This is the web version of this post.
How-come there are more post on the web version then there are in the
newsgroup version?


Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?

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It has to do with how things propagate across the Internet. The Google
server (what you called "the web version") is higher up the food chain,
involving fewer transfers, than your ISP's news server. Or, looked at
another way, Google's server is attached at the backbone while your ISP's
server is a peripheral nerve in one of your toes and there are many more
synapses between it and the backbone.

Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?
Its probably due to the retention rate, there is no single "newsgroup
version", each usenet newsgroup provider offers a limited amount of storage
space to store messages, when this space is used up older messages are
purged from the server. Some newservers will spool messages off after a few
days, others will hold them for several weeks. Google archives them



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Re: WebBased X-10 Server ?

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You might want to check out Homeseer (below). It has a lot of
features and user support, but does have a price. If you want to
go cheap, you could start with the free apache webserver, and
make some a simple cgi application to work with the CM11a.

http://www.homeseer.com /
http://forums.homeseer.com /

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