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This a VERY cool (looks best at original size of 320)!

http://media.putfile.com/WizardsofWinter-SM /

This is apparently how he did it using 88 channels (each unit has 16
channels and is networked so his show uses 5 1/2 units?)  and 16,000 lights!


John W

Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
I'd hate to be his neighbor...


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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
Yah, I agree.

I did some research on this technology and there seems to be a fairly
good-sized group of people using this controller.  They share scripts, music
etc onlne.

The scripts are played on a timed event basis so don't run continuously
(unless you want them to).

One guy uses an FM transmitter instead of loud speakers so "spectators" tune
into the music on their car radios so he's not blasting out sound.

For those of us who like Home Automation though, the whole idea is VERY
cool!  I'd like to have a basic 16 channel controller just to play with - in
addition to Xmas lights it would be great for church & school plays, mood
lighting etc.!

John W

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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
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I've always wanted to have the super automated yard of lights.
I understand that years ago, they used a stepped down motor and a
shellaced coffee can with "on" signals scraped off. (I imagine a
plastic sheet with holes punched would work as well.)

I wonder if DMX is the way to go for this though... certainly
"standard" enough and has tons of channels.

Me, I just want a 48x48 matrix of lights to control.
RGB 48x48 would really rock. ;)  One of these days i'll break down and
build it. Anyone know what kind of refresh rates those electronic
billboards have?

be safe.
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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
This was near Cincinnati (Mason, OH). The police asked him to shut it down
because of the traffic it generated.

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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
I think that people are confusing things or getting bad info from the

It is the Mason OH person but he has not been asked to shut it down.
He has volunteered to shut it down if it starts to annoy his neighbors.
The audio is only transmitted on an FM frequency so that there is no extra
He also shuts it down at 10pm to end the cars coming through  at night.

It does not use the lightorama equipment.  They showed the computer and very
homebrew interface on TV last night.


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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
According to this report, it has been shut down and does use lightorama


John W

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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
All three major network TV affiliates in Cincinnati reported that it was
shut down a few days ago.

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Re: Way Kool ! - Wizards of Winter
Well, when I screw up, I do a good job.

Apparently the information I saw on TV on the 7th didn't know about it being
shut down on the 6th.

Wow.  Snopes was really fast on getting that information.  I had never
thought to look for information on lighting displays there because I never
thought of this as an urban legend.

I assume that Snopes knows what they are talking about and that they got the
information from him about the Lightorama equipment, but the wiring and
controller that they showed on TV were definitely not the unit that the link
went to.  Much more home brew with a small single board controller (not
Lightorama, a different logo) and a lot of wires.
However, Lightorama sells the triac cards separately and he might have been
using one of them. http://store.lightorama.com/mc-tb08.html
That card could be good for various home control items.  They also make
various cards between the plain triac and the full stand alone light

Bill Fuhrmann

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