Secure way of listening internet radio

I'm going to use Winamp for listening internet radio. Sunbelt Kerio PFW is used and its usage is based on Packet Filter Module.

How should I connect to broadcast servers to have to have opened only limited number of ports instead of a wide range of ports ? What stream format is best for use from security point of view ? What form of URL's do then apply ? I wish to have define in my FW a packet filter rule opening a small number of ports. Now I have open inbound for TCP and remote port range 1000 to 65535, local port range 1024 to 4999. But I think there could be a way for listening internet radio, where I don't have to open so many of ports.

Thanks for any hints in advance.

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Eh... uninstall Kerio Personal Network-Upfucker?


The normal form.

What firewall?


Well, what firewall are you using? If f.e. you're running netfilter/iptables, there are various conntrack modules for (s)rtp, rtsp and mms.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

So rather than help, all you can do is insult the poster? Just keep proving what I've said about you.

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You sound surprised.

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Sebastian Gottschalk napisal(a):

As indicated in the message beginning: SKPFW - Sunbelt Kerio Personnal FW. Quite good.

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That's no firewall, that's host-based packet filter.

No, totally unsuitable for your and about any other scenario.

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