PIX ASA as a DNS server

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  I want to use a  ASA as a DNS server ( or pass through calls to off site
DNS servers); in reading Cisco's docs I'm now confused about the settings
for just DHCP !
 Their docs refer to setting up the server functions on the OUTSIDE (?!??)
which makes no sense to me at all.  At the moment I have a ASA server sending
out ip's ( I think OK) on asmall lan with :dhcpd address inside I want to also have these client machines
pick up DNS settings from the ASA. From the reading I've done (off cisco) I've
tried :dhcpd dns I have no way of testing this as I'm offsite, and
want to stay that way. The ASA is also a dhcp client on it's outside interface;
Vlan2 is set with:namif outsideip address dhcp The "sh dhcpd state" comand tells
me:Interface inside is not configured for DHCPinterace outside ,conigured for
DHCP client.  Given what I read in the Cisco docs, I'm about to go to bed ,

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