Possible to study CCNA by myself?

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Looked at some CCNA courses at different schools.  They costs at least 2 grands.
 Wonder if it's possible I do it by myself by reading books, watching videos,
and interacting online with other students and networking experts at work.

I know computer hardware well.  Did computer hardware supprot and light
networking supprot.  I did A+ and MCP just by studing on my own.

I also get some chance to play with networking gears at work for a 300+
multi-site company.  But I believe they won't let me touch anything
work-critical before I know what I'm doing.

So would I be able to do CCNA by my own?  Thanks.

Re: Possible to study CCNA by myself?

If you were motivated enough to get you're A+ and MCP, CCNA should be an
equal challenge for you.  You can get some decent equipment from ebay, in
which my experience can resell back on ebay and get most of your money back.
I think you would do alright if you are determined to do this on your own.
Trainsignals and CBTNuggets are great and a fraction of the price.

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