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Hi all
I'm starting to study ccna to take my exam at the end of March. What do I
need to set up a good lab to study.
I have bought router 2504, is it good?
I intend adding router 2600series and a switch. what difference will it make
if i add 3600series instead of 2600? will it be  a waste of money if get
3600series? or will 2600series be equally good?
About switch I'm watching 1900 cata, would it be ok?
I bought CbtNuggets and I'm going through it first? I want to buy the new
9cds of Learnkey, any others?

what about books?
thanks all

Re: Help for lab

I would say that a 2600 router is perfect for lab doing the CCNA.
In regards to the switch, I would opt for a 2950 as the recent exams focus
on that model as the 1900 is now old.

The 2504 is also good as with the serial interface you can use a DTE to DCE
serial crossover cable to connect with your 2600.


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Re: Help for lab
will Cisco Catalyst 2912-XL-EN Switch be OK??

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Re: Help for lab

If it's free, take whatever experience you can get. The 2924-XL used
to be very popular and you'll still run into them.

If you're paying, settle for nothing less than a 2950 or 3550.


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