CCNP lab question suggestions needed.

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone could please recommend anything else
in addition to my current setup that I might need for CCNP
certification. I currently have the following setup:

4x 3640  ea w/ 1xNM-1E2W 2xWIC-1T (12.4 ios)
2x 3620  ea w/ 1xNM-1E2W 2xWIC-1T (12.3 ios)
1x 2522  (12.2 ios)
1x 2514 (12.2 ios)
2x 3550  ea w/ 12.2.25 (SE) EMI (i5k91l2q3)

I plan to look at getting an Adtran 550 to use for ISDN within the
next week or so. Should I need any Cat 2950s to complete the current
(new) CCNP track? I also have access to a few 3725 routers and
multiple 7940G phones in which I might throw CCME on and mess around
with, since it gets boring out here in the desert. :P

I look forward to hearing back from anyone that can help.

SPC Franklin, John Jay
4th IBCT, 1ID Network Operations Specialist
FOB Falcon, Iraq

`the little guy with the big network in his room'

Re: CCNP lab question suggestions needed.
You could seriously pass the CCNP tests with just 4 books and some
previous experience.

If you plan on studying for the CCNP let me know because I'm going to
start in a few months?
Why a few months?

The new CCNP books won't be available until late May 2007.   The new
CCNP track is different and every test has a different name.
I passed the old CCNP tests way back 5 years ago but need to freshen
up big time!

If you want to study together let me know!!


All you need is the 4 cisco press books and a little bit of hands
on.    You don't need all those routers but if you have them use
them.   CCIE is a different story.


Re: CCNP lab question suggestions needed.
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FYI...  The new BSCI and BCMSN books are available now.  The ONT is mostly
QOS with some IPT and wireless, so you can get everything you need from
other study materials.  No need to wait a few months to get started.  If you
don't mind spending a little extra money, there are some cbt's out there
with the new material as well.

Re: CCNP lab question suggestions needed.
Thanks for the information.

Which books do you prefer?

Cisco publishes the CCNP STudy Guides and the CCNP Exam Certification

I previously found the CCNP study guides were good reference books to
keep around for after the exams.
Which books are best for the exams???

Why do they publish 2 books for the same exam???

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Re: CCNP lab question suggestions needed.
Why?   Because they can.  I'm sure some people buy both, but probably more a
matter of preference and options for people.  Personally, I prefer the Study
Guides.  They do make better books to keep around, but I also think they do
a better job of explaining things.  The Certification guides seem to be too
focused on just what is needed for the test instead of really teaching, and
they sometimes leave pretty big holes there.

FWIW - I have the newer BCMSN Certification guide and didn't think it was
that great - go for the Study Guide.  The BSCI study guide is pretty good.

But, you take what you can get - both aren't always available.


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Re: CCNP lab question suggestions needed.
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I have 3 of the 4 older study guides...BSCI first edition, BCMSN first
edition, and Remote Access and CIT from waaaaay back.

I tried one of the cerftification books and IT sucked big time.
Would never buy another one.

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