CCNA - VLAN advantages?

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I re-read books after books after books and still not sure. I don't
want to err on such a simple question, so I ask for the text-book

3 Advantages of VLANS are:

a) Ease of Administration
b) Improved Security
c) Have hosts situated at geographically diverse locations
d) Increase number of Broadcast domains and reduce the size of
collision domains.

I say a-b-c, but not sure about (d)

I don't recall any reference to SIZE OF collision domain, but really
depends on how one interprets it.

So what's your TEXBOOK answer?

Re: CCNA - VLAN advantages?

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B, C and D. D is actually the best answer out of them all.
In order, D, B, C, A

D, without a doubt increases broadcast and decreases collision domians
B, sure does increase security, acl's can protect specifc vlans or you can
make them completly private
C, geographically, sure you could. 1st floor, 2nd floor etc etc
A, Ease of management, this is the worst of the lot. It doesn't make it
easy, it makes it more complicated configuration wise. The ease would be
knowing that "floor 1" is one specific subnet.


Re: CCNA - VLAN advantages?


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Yes, definitely increases BD, but decreases CD I don't like.

Just placing introducing switches decreases CD, adding VLAN on top of
that doesn't FURTHER reduces CD.

I read Ease Of Admin as, if u didn't have VLAN, One would have to run
long CAT5s from all corners/floors of a building to a specific switch,
rather than just having them plug into the closest switch.  A little
more config up front, but better than manually keep track of oh, Fa0/1
does to JSmith Floor 5, Cubicle 6, Fa0/2 goes to Rmond, Floor 1,
Cubicle 2.

Oh boy, I would had prefer an agreement here.


Re: CCNA - VLAN advantages?

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You are 100% correct. A simple switch port can decrease CD if running in
full duplex.

One way I did think of "ease of managment" would be moves. If Joe Shmoe in
accounting moved his cube to the third floor it sure as heck does add ease
by being able to assign his new data drop to the accounting vlan. So that
does qualify the answer.

My line of thinking for the first is way off, I don't know what the heck I
was thinking.....duh! <G>

That being said and rethinking it I would say the BEST answer would be B
followed by A and C

On a test for a single answer would be B
2 answers would be BA
3 would be BAC


Re: CCNA - VLAN advantages?

I would go with B, C and D
A is not correct as then management is going to be harder. You'll have to do
the configurations on the switch. Also you gonna need a L3 device for
inter-VLAN routing.

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Re: CCNA - VLAN advantages?

I would say ABC are correct.
A+B+C) My book even states "VLANs provide for location independence.
This flexibility makes adds, changes, and moves of networking devices
a simple process. It also allows you to group people together, perhaps
according to their job function, which also makes implementing your
security policies straightforward." McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2003. Of
course in real life this may not be so easy for admins.
C) Is true because you can have people in different floors or even
different buildings (even states/nations if connected directly, I
think......Please Let me know if this is true)

D) Switches already "reduce the size of collision domains." , you
donít need a VLAN on a switch to do that. They do however "Increase
number of Broadcast domains" which is probably there primary reason
they exist. So I would have to say that D is incorrect or half
correct but you never know with tricky questions.

BTW what does the book say.
Joshua Delcore

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