CCNA ICNA guide by Odom - example questions engine..

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Don't get me wrong I'm not moaning about the quality of the questions but
the layout is absolutely dire.

I'm talking about the questions with a network diagram. This is placed right
at the bottom of the question so I have to use the scroll bar down to see
it - right passed that great big blank area where it could have been put
just below the question text. This means I cannot see the question and
diagram at the same time! What use is this? The details the questions ask
are intricate (no problem in it's self) but not being able to view question
diagram and exhibit together makes it so much harder (oh I get it it's not
hard enough - sarcastic grin). I've taken to writing out the possible
answers so I can work with them and the diagram at the same time.

The book is great and is preparing me well but the whole experience is
spoilt by this appalling layout.


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