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I need  to buy a switch, but I have to be adviced -I`m newbie in cisco
I`m lookoing for switch L2,L3, with dhcp server,spantree, 2 uplink gigabit
ports which can be trunked and at least 24 ports for clients,
what model meets my expactations?

Re: ask for recommendation
Hi Dominik,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's LAN Switching Products at a Glance:

Page 55

Found on Cisco Product Quick Reference Guides, CPQRGs:


Brad Reese

Re: ask for recommendation
 2 uplink gigabit
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I don`t know of I used the right word but I meant posssibility to use 2
phisical ports as one logical connection (increasing speed flow between 2

Re: ask for recommendation
Hi go for a 3500 series

3550 or 3560

What you are talking about may be etherchannel, one logical pipe from x
amount of physical connections

hope this helped


Dominik wrote:
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