Yahoo Down!!!

Since Yahoo is down due to a "virus" ?? will it harm my wireless computer to open my Yahoo email account? Can the problem travel to my computer through the air?

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Shirley Azvedo
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On Sun, 23 Jul 2006 18:45:45 GMT, "Shirley Azvedo" wrote in :

Malware (viruses, trojans, and/or spyware) can indeed travel over a wireless connection, just as they can travel over a wired connection.

However, the simple act of reading your email probably won't infect you if you have all security fixes applied to your OS and browser and don't open questionable attachments.

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John Navas

On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 16:04:39 GMT, John Navas wrote in :

See :

More than one million MySpace users could have been caught out by a banner advert that installs spyware via a Windows bug.

Those who fell victim were bombarded with pop-up adverts and had their net browsing habits monitored by the malicious software.


Only those who use MySpace via Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser and have not patched - or fixed - that program against the so-called Windows MetaFile (WMF) bug are vulnerable to the rogue advert.

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