Win XP Lappy Crashes when i insert Belkin F5D7010uk

Hey there. Basically i brought this card for my laptop the other day (Belkin F5D7010uk)..

i install the software as it says, then says insert the card. As soon as i do, it crashes the pc, ie nothing works, the screen is still visible, but the screen locks up, the mouse locks up and so on, and it becomes fine if i remove the card.

I tried rebooting the pc and during the boot i inserted the card, again, the pc even froze then.

Any ideas please?

The laptop is a Dell Latitude C610

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That's Belkin for you -- go get another card a different one..

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Advo hath wroth:

F5D7010 v1, v2, v3, v4 or v5? The drivers and cards are totally different.

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Sounds like a defective card. Used or new card? Try plugging the card into a different laptop and see if it does the same thing. Don't install the drivers. Plug-n-Play should detect the card, look for drivers, not find any, and display a message box asking for the driver disk. That's normally what happens. If it hangs the machine, the card is sick.

However, it may also be the drivers if you installed them on your C610. The card gets recognized, loads the drivers, and the drivers hang the machine. If possible, see if the driver can be uninstalled and try just the card to see what happens. If it can't be uninstalled, use System Restore to revert your XP back to before the installation. Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.

Also, note that the v2 drivers on the Belkin web pile for the F5D7010 are defective (or at least were defective as of about 6 months ago). See: |

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some details. The v2 drivers on the original CD work just fine. I think (not sure) that V3 thru v5 downloaded drivers are fine.

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Jeff Liebermann

Make sure you have the latest drivers from the Belkin site, remove and reinstall the drivers, and walk away for 1/2 hour or so after inserting the card to see if it doesn't just take a _really_ long time to come up.

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