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I work for a company in Sweden and I was on the phone with a distributor of Proxim equipment this morning that didn't know much more than I did about WiMAX. We're looking to place a point-to-multipoint antenna on our roof to backhaul surrounding companys' data for testing purposes.

Their representative told me that Proxim does not currently offer 3.5 or

5.8Ghz equipment, but rather 5.47Ghz. He also sad that the WiMAX forum will vote on the supported frequencies by March 2005. He said that 5.47 will probably be supported.

Does anyone know if this is true? I only heard of WiMAX supporting frequencies

3.5 & 5.8Ghz.

I don't want to advise my company to dish out tons of money for equipment that will need to be ripped out in 4 months.

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John Edwards
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Well the first thing to do is to check with the agency that regulates such things in Sweden to see what it legal there. If does not matter what the forum vote on if your government won't let you use it.


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David Goodenough

I suggest you make it a written condition of purchase that the supplier will guarantee the system you purchase meets the appropriate standards when they are ratified. This may necessitate firmware update, and / or hardware re-working, or replacement - at the suppliers cost. If they are confident in their claims then this should not be an issue for them. Hand in hand they get the benefit of a "Beta" tester, you may get a close relationship with the supplier.... If you are not experienced in this scenario IE you do not understand technology, programming, etc. etc. etc. then you are probably best off to look else where or hold off.

  • what David said.

- Tim

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