whats this dido claim ?

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Cute. Assuming it works, it only addresses what users hear from a central access point, and ignores any traffic in the other direction. Presumably, he's talking about UDP broadcasting via Wi-Fi. It also seems to require that neighborhing WLAN's coordinate their signals, which is in direct violation of the FCC rules designed to prevent one user from monopolizing all the airtime.

The coordination of frequency hopping systems in any other manner for the express purpose of avoiding the simultaneous occupancy of individual hopping frequencies by multiple transmitters is not permitted. If coordinating access points were legally possible, you can be sure that someone would have built a seamless handoff system or multicast system.

The NVIS part is hillarious. It only works up to an MUF (maximum usable frequency) of about 2-8Mhz, which is much too low in RF frequency to carry much more than maybe a hundred baud.

He then goes on to claim 1 msec latency, which is improbable because his scheme has to do what appears to be high level number crunching in order to generate a combined signal.

However, I have an open mind, especially since I thought that MIMO was impossible when it was first introduced (mostly because none of the explanations made any sense). I'm sure we shall soon see if "cloud wireless" is real, or just blowing smoke.

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How is it then my system using up to 2.2MHz gives me up to 24Mbps?

This DIDO appears to me to be a radio-based variant on ADSL.

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