What's the different between UMTS and Wi-Fi ?

What's the different between UMTS and Wi-Fi ?

If installing Wi-Fi takes time and is expensive, to cover an entire nation, qwhy can't we just use a mobile phone connected to the PC, which transmits and receive ain broadband mode through the UMTS technology?

whats the difference between them?

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You can, go ahead, report back on how much it costs you and how fast it is.

Most (new) laptops have wireless cards in them and not UMTS.

Many new phones have UMTS but not wireless.

Data rates are different, service plans are different, range is different.

It's unlikely that WiFi will ever be used to cover an entire nation (other than perhaps the Vatican) because it's short range. Hotspots are another matter altogether.

If you want the technical difference then Google :)


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