What AT&T, Earthlink, and AOL don't want you to know.

Unlimited T1 Mobile Wireless Internet for $19.95 a month!

Everyone will want this!

Not WiFi... Not WiMAX... ...Meet the next Generation of T1 Wireless Broadband ...Unlimited T1 Mobile Wireless Internet As compared to any existing mobile wireless Internet or wireless broadband services, this new technology has the following features:

Easiest to set up - The hardware is no bigger than a Jump Drive, simply plug it into any USB port on your computer or notebook, and you will have up to 5 IP addresses with the ability to broadcast the Internet connection signal via repeater towers from one central NOC (Network Operations Center).

Requires far fewer towers - ability to broadcast signal to distances of 30-miles from tower without degradation.

Best Coverage - due to ability to transmit signal through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground.

No Bottleneck - maintains at least a T1 connection both UP and DOWN without degradation regardless of the amount of simultaneous users connecting. And no Fair Access Policy. (FAP)

Most Secure - signal is secured with more than 256-bit SSL encryption so no firewall hardware is required.

Most for the money - T1 connection is projected to be only $19.95 per month. Business class up to T3 service will also be available.

Telephony - First class VOIP telephone service will also be offered for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Current projection is $9.95 per month.

Mobile - Oh yes, and did I say MOBILE! No dish required here. Imagine a mobile T1 connection.

Imagine Having An Always On Wireless T1 to T3 Internet Connection...

In your home or office...

While Walking Down A Street... While Driving Down A Road... While Camping, Golfing, Hiking.... Or Crossing the Country In A Plane...


"There were 565.7 million Internet users worldwide at the end of 2006, and there will be 633.6 million at the end of 2007. This amounts to

2.2 new internet users every second of the day worldwide." - eMarketer, March 2007


"In the Internet age, the GREATEST risk is being left behind." - Newsweek, December, 2006

This amazing technology is FR33 to market, the amount of money to be made is outrageous, thousands have all ready signed up.

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Where is it available? I want to sign up.

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curly Bill

From your web page

With opening as a publicly traded company, the ability to broadcast the Internet connection signal via repeater towers from one central NOC (Network Operations Center), broadcast to distances of 30-miles without degradation of the signal, transmit through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground, maintain a T-1 connection both UP and DOWN without degradation from the amount of simultaneous users connecting, and having managed to secure the signal with 256-bit SSL encryption where no firewall hardware is required

This shows that this is bunk. While Wimax can go to 30 miles, your remarks about going through trees, buildings, and 20 feet underground shows it is a scam

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