Verizon Internet Access?

Verizon claims you can use many of their phones (including the Razr) for broadband access on a laptop. Anyone use this, any feedback? It sounds much more convenient for travel than trying to access various hotel networks. Thanks LT

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Try alt.cellular.verizon for information. Verizon has some pretty tight restrictions, so that NG may have more comprehensive answers.

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We have been doing it for over five years. We travel full-time in our RV.

The simple version: You pay an extra $60/month to use your phone as a "modem" connected to your computer, and Verizon's data network provides connect speeds of 144 kbps to 2 Mbps, depending on your location. In the Lower 48, we have had data service 95% of the time. In Alaska, it is available in quite a few of the populated areas.

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