Small Wisp / Wired Wan

Hi guys. Im looking for some opinions here.

I am currently trying to set up a small wisp for a small amount of houses in our street using a mix of wired cat5 cable and 11g.

I have the infrastructure sorted out but i am currently having problems finding a windows based server to do the accounting and quotas etc.

Basically I need some software thats windows based, works using nat, has a web based authentication and user statistics and allows me to set quotas on the users - eg. 1 user has 10gb per month and is then cut off unless they buy more.

I have already purchased Kerio Winroute Server an found it works great except it will only record users quota if they are logged in and surfing the net on the auctual server itself. Others have also found this bug.

I would love to have this linux based but cant as this has to go on our mail server box which is running windows 2000 server.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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