setup ARP for temp IP address for MAC

Based upon another thread, thought I would post this common resolution to the problem of accessing a new "device" when the internal IP address is of a different IP networking scheme. (the one below is on a 10.x.x network)

For setup - you can create a temp address on your "10.x.x" network to access the print server, router, etc - and this is how it is usually done for a quick and easy method.

1 - the print server and your PC or whatever must be physically on the same network 2 - look at the print server, and write down the MAC address.... ie - 00-90-48-93-2F-7E 3 - assign that MAC to a temp address using the RUN command to get to a DOS prompt and then the ARP command 4 - enter these commands - using YOUR print server MAC and a temp 10.x.x address 5 - you should then have temp access to your print server at IP

rem .. print server ARP setup arp -a arp -s 00-90-48-93-2F-7E

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-d to kill the temp assignment?

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