Securing access from an *hotspot*?

By definition *hotspots* are open networks. If I am using a hotspot, say at McDonalds, how can I ensure my connection is safe from attack to my laptop?

At home I am wired and safe.

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software firewall. even windows firewall will do the job.

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Tel hath wroth:

Yep. Anyone can sniff your wireless traffic.

VPN tunnel to your own machine or to a VPN service provider. See:

for a shopping list.

Your ISP may also offer a VPN termination. Ask them. If they don't, point them to:

for an example of an ISP that cares about their customers wireless security.

Actually, I've tapped into wired home and office systems with less difficulty than wireless.

Hint: Make sure you know where all the cables going to your ethernet switch end up. A local 14 year old aspiring hacker once tapped into another neighbors ethernet switch with a long run of CAT5 cable to his house, while he was playing babysitter. Somehow, they failed to notice a bright blue ethernet cable running between the adjacent houses. I noticed it mostly because he had stolen the CAT5 cable box from my house. That was about 10 years ago. These days, he would probably have installed a hidden (rogue) wireless access point in the neighbors house.

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Jeff Liebermann

Cripes, it's bad enough keeping 'em outta the liquor cabinet! Now I've got to run arpwatch to keep them off the network too. Yeesh.

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