Replacing Cell Phone with Laptop with Internet Connectivity

The cost of ownership of my cell phone has become pretty high, at least for my budget.

I'd like to explore any viable alternate to a cell phone, perhaps using a combination of laptop running Linux with Internet connectivity.

Can anyone share any pointers or experiences?



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easy peazy (if you are in one of 29 countries it is available in), i (at the house at least) use this

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phone thing, 19.95 a YEAR (under $2 a month), plugs into any computers usb port that has internet access, and a cordless phone plugged into it/has an rj45 jack, (or under $2 for a corded phone at walmart) use it on my laptop/netbook (works with wifi networks) too when travelling (ps, one of my laptops runs ubuntu linux, bit trickier since the magicjack software is a windows program, but many progs run under linux and let you run windows programs)

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