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I am recieving someone elses signal in addition to my own router. Tried to log into the other router with 192.168.01 and couldn't get to it. I wanted to get the exact identity of the owner to inform the person that they should use encryption. Unusual thing is that the speed of the connection is slow download but fast upload ( I testeted it with Any way I can find the identity of the owner? I'm not interested in pirating their internet service. M

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It is not recommended that you logon to someone else's AP in an attempt to tell them that they should use encryption. There are a lot of people who could care less about securing their wireless networks. To some, they have nothing worth stealing and to others, if their wireless networks are working, they don't want to tinker with it for fear of messing something up. Furthermore, someone might get a little pissed at you for telling them what they SHOULD do especially if they know what they are doing. Also some unsecured wireless network are setup to be malicious. Still, if you feel strongly about finding the owner of the AP whose signal you're detecting, try going door to door and asking, especially if they have an SSID that is different from the default, i.e, NETGEAR, LINKSYS, D-LINK, BELKIN, etcetera. Anyway, take care.

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Doug Jamal

Besides, how will accessing the router tell you who owns it?

One AP local to me has an SSID that is a chipset model no. A quick Google pulled out the routers these go in, followed by a .PDF of the manual, and then the default router IP and password; point proved, I haven't been back...

The only way you can determine who the AP belongs to is to war-drive then knock on doors! I think I would appreciate it if someone did this for/to me, though I would be p*ssed that someone did this for/to me (as it means I'm stupid)! So saying, would I trust someone who came knocking at my door talking about network security..?

All said, try !

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