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Columbus, Ohio - August 1st, 2005

NetSteady Communications, Ltd., a Columbus, Ohio based leader in innovative technology, launched the much-anticipated NeXauth Identity Networking Server today. Designed to overcome RADIUS server and authentication protocol inflexibility, NeXauth is built on a flexible, module-based architecture where network and systems administrators can choose the data sources to which they would like to authenticate. For the initial product release, NetSteady has created several pre-built authentication modules, including mySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and even MIT Kerberos.

In addition to NeXauth's ability to authenticate to virtually any data source, a unique feature has been integrated which allows administrators to passively transfer authentication databases. "NeXauth's Post Process Modules will give our clients the capability to easily transfer authentication information from one data source to another," commented Christopher Hutchison, NetSteady Communications' Chief Executive Officer. "We believe that giving network administrators this capability, without jeopardizing the integrity of network, will be a huge asset to corporations and educational institutions worldwide."

The addition of the NeXauth Product Line is just another example of the distances NetSteady has gone to make network authentication pain-free. Mr. Hutchison commented, "We will continue to grow the product through the evaluation of our client's requirements, and making sure that they fit in the long-term goals of NeXauth."

About NetSteady Communications, Ltd.:

NetSteady, a Columbus, Ohio based company, is changing the face of information technology through its personal investment in new and innovative technological creations. It is their goal that these innovations will revolutionize the technical community, bringing NetSteady to the forefront of the Information Technology Industry.

NetSteady Communications, Ltd. website:

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NeXauth Identity Networking Server:
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Press Contact

NetSteady Sales Department P. O. Box 392 Galloway, Ohio 43119

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