Paging Jeff Liebermann


Do you happen to have a Mammoth1 compatible cleaning tape to inspect? If so, please read my thread about cleaning tape ID problems at...

news://{your-nntp-host}:119/ZtCdncngUtn_rFHUnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@posted.cpinternet (note: substitute the hated '' for your-nntp-host - works for anyone)

...and let me know what you see in your tape.

Thanks much,


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I don't have a cleaning tape, but one of my customers does, maybe. As I recall, M1 is 20GB uncompressed, while M2 is 60GB. Yeah, they have M1. Nothing like 1980's technology and raising the dead.

I had to find the thread by buzzword and author. The above message ID is broken somewhere:

I'll look, but I probably won't have time for a few days. Sorry(tm).

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Jeff Liebermann

Sorry about the munged address, too fast with the mouse... Here is a working URL:

news:// snipped-for-privacy@posted.cpinternet

(NOTE:, home of trolls and miscreants, is still good for free referencing of articles in this fashion - displaying in monospace fonts in a web browser, without the visual corruption of the Google interface)

Thanks, Jeff. I await your next reply ;)

If anyone else can lay hands on a cleaning tape, please let me know what you see as well.


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