NEWS: Unlicensed 60 GHz at 10Gb/s in 25mm/hour of rain over link of 1km


But most interesting is the use of 60GHz for data, which has been field trialled and demonstrated to provide reliable connectivity at 10Gb/s in 25mm/hour of rain over a link of 1km. Even in atypical conditions connectivity can be maintained, as Andreas Stöhr told PolicyTracker: "In an even worse case, rain of 85mm an hour, which is the worst storm you have ever experienced, we can guarantee 99.9999% availability at up to 600 metres".


60GHz is attractive as it's already approved for unlicensed use in the USA and Japan, ...


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John Navas
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I would like to know when they did this and the actual results. I have watched the flash video several times and they say they will be capable of doing this but not that they have done it.

There was also this:- "For short range applications we have constructed a compact wireless transmitter consisting of a highfrequency photodiode and a simple mm-wave antenna with about 20dBi gain. This system achieved error-free (BER=10-9, 231-1, NRZ) in-door transmission of 12.5Gb/s signals over wireless distances of up to 3.5m with a receiver sensitivity as low as

-44.8dBm. In case of BER of 10m by using advanced forward error correction. We even achieved 12.5Gb/s error-free transmission when operating the mm-wave transmitter in passive mode (i.e. without any electrical power supply) with a receiver sensitivity penalty of only ~2dB. This result clearly shows that fully passive mm-wave RoF transmitters for in-house applications are possible.

For access links with longer wireless distances an electrical RF amplifier was employed in the RoF transmitter. Here we achieved 7.5Gb/s error-free transmission in out-door LoS experiments over wireless distances of up to 36m. This result was limited in terms of data rate by the transmitter amplifier?s bandwidth and in terms of wireless distance due to spatial limitations. From *calculations* based upon the measurement results the maximum wireless distance for 12.5Gb/s transmission increases to about 3000m (without rain) when using Cassegrain antenna with 50dBi gain and a transmitter amplifier with a larger bandwidth."

If they have announced to the press that they have achieved 1Km I am surprised it's not mentioned on their website.

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