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I just started internet service with my cities wifi network. It's 19.99 a month compared to Time Warner for $55/month. It's suppose to be 1M up and down.

I'm using a bridge to receive with a router/ap to send it wirelessly through the house.

I'd like to monitor the network for downtimes and was curious about a tool to do this.

What tool is out there that allows me to ping a web site or the geteway periodically and log times where the ping is not returned?



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Wireless monitoring is so much fun.

The easiest is something like FreePing:

It just pings a host and tabulates the results. There are plenty of others available.

At the other end of the complexity spectrum, I use MRTG and RRDTool graphing with PingProbe to plot the latency on a graph.

Ping latency is the least that can be monitored. Much more interesting is traffic in both directions and any SNMP OID's or scripts. There's also:

Plenty more under "network monitoring tools".

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks again!!

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You might take a look as Servers Alive @

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GREAT program I've been using it for years. Does all you want and much much more... Many different ways of sending alarm.. Logs and workes well with syslogd.

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