Netgear WGU624 - 802.11a/g

All, currently using Netgear WGU624 as an 802.11a access point by chaining it through another wireless router since our service provider (Verizon FiOS) demands that we use their Dlink router as the entry point.

Nevertheless, curious if anyone else has had this problem where the router downs itself every so often. Some have mentioned that it could be the device over heating, however I doubt this to be the case since it's sitting away from everything else, fully ventilated.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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hi there, read the msg that is posted, and wud like to give few info that i know, i dont see any reason y your ISP has suggested to go for a Dlink router,all wireless routers should work with both cabl/dsl internet service,may be your ISP would have some tie-ups with Dlink! thats wat i feel!

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translation for speakers of English wud = would y = why wat = what

psst! Write like a grown-up.

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prodigal1 wrote in news:1142586124.362537.129820

Thanks for the followup, however I don't think you're really any help what so ever in your response, besides using broken English of course.

Essentially the problem is that the router acting as an access point downs itself randomly. The logs show nothing of this downing.

Any thoughts?

TIA, gg

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I have Verizon Fios and they didn't demand I use their router. I am using a Netgear wireless and it works just fine. dotcom

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"DotCom" wrote in news:

Are you using their FiOS TV system as well though?

I think you all are missing the point of my post... The issue is the WGU624 dropping out.... *sigh*

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