Multiple Access Points for Home?


I know that adding WDS access points (e.g. WRT54G) will cut down the speed due to one trans/recv. I am wondering if there is any reasonably priced home access points that 2 trans/recv in it so that 54mbps is not cut down.

Thanks, Dan

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Dan hath wroth:

Correct. That will cut down on your MAXIMUM thruput. For example, if you have a good solid 54Mbit/sec connection, you should get about

20-25Mbits/sec thruput between access points. If you also have a good solid connection between the wireless client (laptop?) and the WDS repeater, you'll get about 10-12Mbits/sec thruput from the first router. However, unless you have a 10Mbit/sec cable modem internet connection, the speed reduction doesn't have a huge effect on internet thruput. It will take quite a speed reduction to be noticeable on the typical 1.5Mbit/sec DSL connection.

However, if your moving files or playing games on the LAN, where the internet connection is not involved, then the speed reduction is very noticeable.

How many dollars do you consider reasonable?

3com, Cisco, Proxim, Belaire, and most of the mesh wireless vendors have dual radio access points or repeaters. I'm not going to itemize the choice because they're all quite expensive and overkill for the home.

You can also build your own from SBC (single board computah) cards from Soekris and PcEngines.

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Linux, Open BSD, StarOs, or whatever.

If you can tolerate the fan noise, you can also shove two wireless PCI cards into a generic PC, and run some Linux router software such as Freesco, m0n0wall, or whatever:

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You can also take an ethernet bridge wireless adapter, that will talk to a wireless access point, and do the same thing. The ethernet bridge runs on one channel, the access point on the other. Instant repeater with no delays. I did that with WAP11 radio perhaps 6 years ago. These days, a WAP54G for the client part and any old wireless router setup as an access point will do.

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