Moronic kids drug their parents to use internet past curfew

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ROCKLIN, California (ACRN) - We have heard of all kinds of crazy things kids will do to get on the Internet, but two teenage girls in Rocklin, California take the cake. This is the first we have ever heard of teens drugging their parents, to stay online past the family curfew.

It all seemed like a nice gesture, when the girls offered to buy milkshakes for the parents, chocolate for dad, and vanilla for mum. However, the girls put prescription sleeping medication into their parents milkshakes, which put the parents to sleep right quick, and allowed them to stay on past the family 10PM curfew.

The parents suspected somethjing, and purchased one of these drug test kits you can buy at a pharmacy or at many police stations, and tested themselves and found they they are indeed drugged.

The girls now face felony charges which include conspiracy, and mingling food with a prescription medication. This is the craziest thing I have heard herard of, and I used to look for ways to outsmart my parents, when I was a lad to get around what I considered to be early bedtimes, to get TV after bedtime, and I NEVER had to resort to that

Whatever happened to good old fashioned ingenuity? Depending on where they lived on Grove street, they could have built a pringles can or a Nalley's can antenna, and been able to get free Wifi from either Starbucks or Safeway. They could have hooked on that way after the 10pm family internet curfew, without having to drug their parents, and their parents would have NEVER been the wiser, becuase where they went would have only been known to either Safeway or Starbucks, depending on whichever Wifi network they hooked on to.

I know all about outsmarting parents to get past early bedtimes. When I was a lad, I got TV after my 8pm bedtime by simply using a police band radio, and getting the \audio portion of TV shows. I would just simply turn on the telly in my room, and then turn down the sound and picture, and then tune a police band receiver I had to about 38Mhz, and pick up the audio of whatever the TV was receiving. My mum and dad NEVER got wise to what I was doing. In my day, kids had more ingenuity than kids do now.

These two girls in Rocklin obviously did not have any ingenuity, or they would have found a way to outsmart their parrents where the parents would have NEVER gotten wise to what they were up to.

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"Mingling food with prescription medication" is a felony? Geez, I'm in trouble -- some of my meds require that.

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