long distance wifi for a reasonable price.

I'd like to set up a wifi connection between two houses that are roughly 2 1/2 blocks away. Right now I'm assuming it might have to go through a few trees. I'll check on the roof when the weather permits to see if I can get direct line of sight.

Is there a solution that doesn't cost thousands of dollars (and is legal).

What about alternate wireless transmissions. They use to use shortwave radio for tcp/ip. I'm guessing this isn't practical given the speeds would be ridiculously slow.

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direct line of sight

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curly Bill

What you are trying to accomplish?

You could set up a wireless connection between the two houses over RF, microwave, laser, or some other technology, but at what expense?

At the low end of the spectrum you could use modems and have one PC call another to establish a simple data link between the two. Not the fastest, but might be adequate depending upon your needs. It seems everyone has cell phones today, so there is no need to have a second phone line.

If you both subscribed to the same cable or DSL service, all you need to know to set up a VPN c> I'd like to set up a wifi connection between two houses that are

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