Linksys Wireless/XP advice

I had a hell of a time trying to install Linksys WRT54GS router and associated wireless adapters in XP.

Linksys instructions clearly marked on all devices " RUN CD FIRST " . DONT!

XP has all it needs except the driver.

Install the device, turn on comp and let windows detect. When windows prompts for a driver, click have disk and now insert the appropriate Linksys cd . The only thing pulled off that cd will be the driver. That's it. That's all you want. Piece of cake.

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Well, it says that, but it's also clearly stated in the manual (on the CD) that you don't have to...

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Derek Broughton

I found the same thing with XP. All you need is the driver. Installing the Linksys utility program turned out to be a bad idea. However, the utility works gret with Win2K.

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