I can't remember the name of a particular manufacturer

I was looking around at the various mesh products available and found a manufacturer that had a complete setup.

I am not endorsing any product, brand, or manufacturer. I am simply VERY frustrated because I cannot remember their name.

They are NOT the following companies: Cisco, Broadcom, Zyxel, Tranzeo, Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, Trendnet, mesh dynamics, wayflex, roofnet, meraki, infinet, meshbox, hautspot, or chilispot.

It was a name I've never seen before.

All I can remember is this...

The indoor units are black, they have outdoor units as well but I cannot remember the color The indoor units were also routers for the customer. Think WRT54G with a wireless card instead of a WAN port The indoor units would talk to the outdoor units for backhaul The indoor units also had signal strength indicators (for the uplink) The outdoor units are mesh capable I believe (I may be wrong) that they come in A, B, G, and N The website had quite a bit of flash The products are geared toward WISPs There is a term they used, either "True IP" or "Real IP". It was in relation to the fact that they could route in the full IP address.

This is a carrier class product and their indoor units were listed (i believe) at $124-129.99. The outdoor units were $400-500. I do not believe there were any WiMax products in their lineup.

I've been looking for the past 8 hours (literally) for this company and I am GOING MAD!!! I thought I had saved them to my bookmarks but they're not there!

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.


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I find it hard to believe that a client unit that is rated as "carrier class" could be found for under $129.

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