HomePlug Wi-Fi Extender

I have just bought a Devolo 1215 HomePlug Wi-Fi extender and I'm very impressed with how well it works.

I gather, but not 100% sure but these are my options for my existing Wi-Fi router and my new HomePlug AP:

1) Same SSIDs, same channel. 2) Different SSIDs, same channel. 3) Different SSIDs, different channels.

At the moment I have it setup with option 2 and it works fine. However, I'm a little confused as to what advantages/disadvantages each method may have. Can anyone help?


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Depends if you want seamless roaming or not, and you left off option 1a (same ssid DIFFERENT Channel, that's what I use for seamless roaming, don't know if that is supported by that specific device, I use netgear powerline, and that into another wap/router)... odd that you left that one possibility off your list, ever been to a place like say an airport with a huge area? Those are usually the same ssid but different channels

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