Home made (sorta) WiFi antenna

How 'bout this? A Wal-Mart special:

From Wal-Mart:

1) Large disposable turkey roasting pan - $0.97 2) Rubbermaid clear lasagna (plastic) container $1.97 3) Gorilla tape $9 (!)

Cut the corners on one of the small ends of the turkey pan. Mount your router in the lasagna pan with the antennas poking through the end of the container. Place the plastic box so it overlaps into the turkey pan with the antennas (mine are longish 9dbi onmis) evenly spaced (3/4") from the inside of the aluminum pan. Mount the whole assy on a mast (with screws and Gorilla tape) and attach to a Radio Shack TV rotor (in my case on a 20' mast for now).

The thing friggin screams! I'm picking up one AP at over 2,000 feet away....

God I do love messing with antennas - I guess it's the ham in me.

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Ken Bessler
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cool. got any pictures of this item in construction?

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bongo rule

i'd really like to see a photo or even a series of step-by-step photos. sounds neat.

73, rich, n9dko
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Ken Bessler submitted this idea :

How are you picking up other AP's on a router?

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Gubo Dangle

I'm running DD-WRT on a Linksys WRT54G (v4). There is a wireless status page that has a wireless "survey" button. Clicking that button opens a page showing all AP's in range plus details.


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Ken Bessler

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