Gigabit throughput tests?

What's a simple way to test a LAN for throughput after upgrading to gigabit? (Cat5e cables, switch, patch panel, and patch cables will all be upgraded.)

Is there a utility to use for this purpose? Or some feature built-into the OS to watch while transferring a large file?

LAN consists mostly of systems using WInXP and Mac OS X.


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John E.
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Is there some reason you're asking a question about wiring in a wireless newsgroup? Not a problem, but I'm curious as to your logic.

I klike IPerf. Versions available for most OS's:

Setup a known good machine running Iperf as a server. Run: iperf -s On the various clients, run: iperf -c ip_address_of_server There are lots of other options to play with. Run the test in both directions with: iperf -r -c ip_address_of_server as creative wiring sometimes causes traffic to work well in one direction, but not the other.

As for watching large files go past, I kinda like to watch the flashing lights on the switch. They're kinda hypnotic and counteract the effects of coffee and running wires all night. If you want detail, setup a sniffer computer, arrange a monitor port or use an ethernet tap (or hub), and use Ethereal or WireShark, with a filter, to monitor the traffic.

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Jeff Liebermann

might try netperf -

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