Gardenware dish mesh size?

I making a gardenware dish reflector to use with a USB 3G wireless or an 802.11g stick/dongle.

I have located a suitable looking hanging basket thing and checked its shape with a hanging chain. All looks OK so far.

I am not sure however if the basket will need to be lined with foil as the holes in the mesh are rather large.

They start in the centre as squares of side about 3cm and towards the edge they are diamond shapes with a long axis of about say 7cm.

Given that the wavelength of 802.11g (the worst case between 3G and 11g) is

300,000,000 2,400,000,000 or 3/24 metres or 12.5cm

Can anyone advise if additional metal is likely to be necessary or if the described mesh will be satisfactory?

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Hi, If I remember correct it should be less than 1/20 of Lambda.

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Tony Hwang


Tinfoil required then.

At least if I have some left over I can make a hat.

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