Re: Dish Network unsolicited calls

The phone rang this morning and I heard a recording offering me some

> kind of free VCR or something. So I punched the button they said to > and was connected to someone answering "installations" for Dish Network. > Once I knew who it was I hung up and filled out the complaint web page > with FTC, since I am on the do-not-call list. >Just wondering if anybody else is getting these calls.

No calls, just lots of spam e-mail. The thing is, the Dish Network sells through local affiliates, and they don't seem to exert much control over how those affiliates behave. So what you almost certainly received was an illicit call from a local business selling Dish Network services. If you call the Dish Network guys, even if you have the name of the local affiliate, they will act as if it's not their problem. So when it happens again, get the name of the local company making the offer and go after them.

I constantly get barraged with spam mail from various Dish affiliates, and the corporate guys don't care at all that their name is being dragged through the mud.


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