Frequency Incompaitiblity?

I have a Linksys WRT54GSV2 wireless router which is 2.4GHz. I have it set to Wireless Channel 11 which is 2.462GHz. I have always had conneciton problems in a pretty close location around my fathers computers in his office. I just realized his office phone says "2.4GHz" as a major feature. This would be good except I remember reading that there will be interference or something. Is this what is causing the connection errors? Is there any way I can fix this without buying new stuff? (I am pretty sure he NEEDS that phone). I guess if the only alternative is a new router, what is one that will give same features, speed, and performance but on a different frequency than the phone? Thanks!

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Soccrmastr hath wroth:

Possibly. If he's yacking on the 2.4Ghz cordless phone at the same time as using his wireless router, then it's highly likely. See:

for other sources of 2.4GHz intererence. Some 2.4Ghz phones are worse than others. The maker, model number, and most important, the FCC ID number from the serial number tag, will allow me to research what chipset they use.

Physical seperation is the fairly tolerable cure. Move the base and handset to where they're as far apart as possible. However, that's not much use when he's on a wireless laptop, while yacking on a cordless phone handset, perhaps 3 ft apart. They will interfere. Ask him if he hears loud and erratic clicking in the handset.

It's also possible to seperate the frequencies. However, you're already using the best possible combination. Most of the older FM cordless phones start selecting frequencies at the bottom of the band and will tend to congregate in that area. Putting the wireless system on Channel 11 gives the maximum seperation.

You could buy an 802.11a 5.8Ghz wireless router, but you will also need to buy corresponding 802.11a client radios for all the computahs. Too messy and too expensive. It's easier and MUCH cheaper to buy a new cordless phone on 900MHz or 5.8GHz. Be sure to make sure that the cordless phone uses 900MHz or 5.8GHz in both directions. There are few that use 2.4GHz in one direction and that won't work for you.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thank you very much for this information!

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