Free WiFi hotspots and the law

How does the local coffee shop avoid legal trouble when one if its
customers surfs for child porn or uploads copyrighted materials?
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Hairy Harrison
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I would be more concerned about someone actually asking this question. Is there a reason for it? Just wondering is all.
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Steve Smith
If I was thinking about operating a free/paid Wifi hotspot, that was one of the first questions I would like to get answered.
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Wim J
Wim J wrote in news:4ca0458d$0$41105 $
one if its
this question.
You see the problem is most on this group are either paranoid nutcases, netcops or smartasses, or anal-retentive jerks.
If you're running a phone company do you ask what you should do if organized crime uses one of your telephones to communicate?
You're not responsible for what other people do just because your offering a connection to the net. There is so much illegal crap going on on wifi that unless they catch some guy masturbating to kiddie porn on your front porch I doubt you're going to have a problem. Just use a user agreement pre connection screen if you're so worried.
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* daprob wrote in alt.internet.wireless:
If someone uses your gun to commit a crime should you be worried?
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The phone company is a common carrier and is legally required to take on anybody who can pay for it. (Admittedly an over simplification but for these purposes useful). They are expressly forbidden by statute to know what is on their networks, except for what they need for billing purposes. Last I heard ISPs, etc., are not common carriers.
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Kurt Ullman
Oh yes, depending on the circumstances. If someone steals your legally-registered weapon, and you report that theft, then no. If you've lent your gun to someone, you should be very worried.
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